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Mountain Range CBD is dedicated to producing and delivering high-quality products to the marketplace. Our continued focus on natural/organic based ingredients, along with precise dosage control, sets us apart from others.

We hope you like our products as there is much care and science that goes into each and every product we develop. 

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Mountain Range CBD products

Our Mission is to provide leading-edge CBD products that provide an alternative to prescription drugs. Our products deliver a precise dose with every use.

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  • The therapeutic spray works wonders when I have soreness and pain. Mountain Range CBD is the only pain management remedy I reach for now. Also, the sleep-therapy pills have been extremely helpful and allow me to sleep when my mind is racing. Thank you Mountain Range CBD for creating THC-free products that I can discuss with other athletes so they feel comfortable having high-quality products they can use without testing positive for THC. No more pain pills or injections!

  • I have two (2) decades of injuries. They include severe cervical stenosis with myelopathy and retinopathy. I also have a torn rotator cuff. I've tried many different hemp-based extract treatments over the years and have never found much relief. That is, until I tried Big Sky Aloha therapeutic spray. I get almost instant pain relief and it lasts for hours. It is far and away the best topical CBD product I have ever used for my pain. So glad to have found it.

  • I am amazed at how quickly I had results from the Big Sky Aloha CBD massage oil. Almost instantly my anxiety symptoms disappeared and I remained calm and focused throughout the day

  • I am a diabetic suffering from neuropathy. Just a few sprays of Big Sky Aloha Therapeutic Spray each day and the pain goes away and I can function more effectively. I also need much less, if any, pain relievers. The Mountain Range CBD Brand products have allowed me to start living a more normal life again.

  • I fell yesterday while hiking - My legs went out from under me and I landed on my hand. I applied Big Sky Aloha Therapeutic Spray on both my knee and my hand. I should have been really sore, especially on my knee, but I have to tell you that I am great today thanks to this wonderful product!

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