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Powerful Testimonial About Mountain Range Cbd Products

I use the Mountain Range CBD Honey Sticks twice a day taking about 10 mg each time. This helps me relax and lower my stress level keeping me calm and not trigger my emotions and symptom onsets. The Big Sky Aloha spray works well on my severe muscle cramps that are caused by my medications. I am able to sleep at night and get proper rest that helps by relaxing my muscles. Using these products has allowed me to reduce the medications I need to take daily.

Seven years ago I was a very active person who loved outdoors and working out at the gym. One day while on vacation, I was in Alaska fishing and felt as if I may have been having a stroke. The right side of my face was numb and felt as if it was drooping. When I returned home, I went to see my doctor. She immediately referred me to a Neurologist, who through testing, diagnosed me with Myasthenia Gravis. This neuromuscular autoimmune disease causes the voluntary muscles to fatigue at any moment. It also causes the immune system to attack itself as the immune system malfunctions and generates antibodies that attack the body's tissues.

For seven years I struggled with having my thymus gland removed via chest cracking. I often choke on my own saliva and have trouble swallowing food and even breathing. My eyes cross as the muscles weaken and my eyelids get heavy and close on their own. I have had to make major life changing adjustments not to mention the emotional and stressful feelings that go along with it. I was once a very outspoken person who was known at work as a strong leader of people. After my MG diagnosis, I became withdrawn and was embarrassed to talk because people thought I was either drunk or having a stroke, as I would slur my words. It was difficult to understand me.

I have been highly medicated for years taking Immunosuppressants, Prednisone and other medications for treatment. In May of 2019, I was hospitalized with what is known as a Myasthetic Crisis. The physicians were one step away from intubation. I told my wife I cannot live that way.

Some of the triggers that bring on onsets are stress, emotions and lack of rest or sleep. Symptom’s come on without notice. It can last moments to days. It’s like MG has a mind of its own.

About four months ago, my wife was doing research on different treatments and ways to help me deal with MG. We wanted to reduce the amount of medication I have to take, due to the side effects that reek havoc on my body. She reached out to Mountain Range CBD and obtained a few products for me to try.

Since starting these products I have been feeling much better and am well on the way to having somewhat of a normal lifestyle. I feel as if I am able to do more and it has helped with my self-esteem and confidence. I love Mountain Range CBD products and will continue to use them. I highly recommend them for anyone who has similar conditions like mine. My condition is not curable, however, it is controllable. These products are better for me and work well. Thank you Mountain Range CBD for changing my life for the better.


Doran Reynolds

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