Discretion Partners, LLC is now Mountain Range CBD, LLC

Published January 1st, 2021 by Mountain Range CBD

We are pleased to announce our name has changed from Discretion Partners, LLC to Mountain Range CBD, LLC. Discretion was founded in 2015 and developed the smallest disposable vape device in the world to be used in the medical marijuana industry. Our vision was for the 30 to 80 year old to be able to use cannabis in a discreet manner for their ailments, thus the name/brand Discretion was born.

In November 2017 the partners of Discretion saw a dramatic shift from medicinal marijuana to recreational/adult-use marijuana. With a passion for providing alternative/natural products to assist those with medical ailments, Discretion made a major shift to developing CBD products. After 18 months of Research & Development, our wonderful CBD products were launched in July 2019.

Given the main focus of our company moving away from hardware (ours is still the smallest disposable vape device in the world) and into Hemp-Extracted CBD products, as well as our Corporate Headquarters and world-class research and manufacturing facility being relocated to Montana, we felt the re-branding of our company away from Discretion and to Mountain Range CBD was monumental.

We still develop and manufacture the same wonderful Hemp-Extracted CBD products that you have come to know under the Discretion name. With our shift and focus to natural/organic CBD products we felt the name change and new branding was very important.

Please visit and enjoy the products we provide.

Thank you for your support both past, present and future.

Larry W. Harmon – CEO/President

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